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The Luux Survey

It’s no secret that when it comes to audiences, there is none so particular, private or elusive as the UHNWI. The 0.01% that makes up LUUX’s long standing network is an increasingly powerful group, comprising taste makers and thought leaders with the assets to make waves in business and beyond.

At LUUX we know these exceptional individuals as friends, collaborators and visionaries, and so we have taken the opportunity to deliver a questionnaire directly to a carefully selected list of UHNW individuals from the LUUX network - all of which are close connections of ours that have previously attended our event experiences or are engaged readers across our print portfolio of luxury magazines.

The survey focuses on how this elite group typically spend time online, what platforms they use when searching for luxury products, the type of action they prefer to take when purchasing high value products online and more.

Audience profile


88% of respondents were
male, 12% female.


69% hold a net worth of more than £20m, with 41% stating that their personal worth exceeds £100 million


The majority (60.8%) reported an annual household income above £2.5m a year, with 34.2% earning over £10m a year
Example results
A huge 76% are on Instagram at least once per day
Only 8% said they are happy to complete an enquiry form online
36% are happy to spend over $25,000 online, with 14% saying they would have no spend limit!
Brand insights
Top 5 brands that the Ultra Affluent Individuals stated
as their favourite across each luxury category
  • Patek
  • Rolex
  • Audemars Piguet
  • Richard Mille
  • Vacheron
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Jewellery, Private Aviation, Automotive and Yachting.
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    James Amos
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    Byron Sharp
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    John Russo
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    Robin Patterson
    CEO, Sotheby’s Real Estate